Saturday, October 4, 2008

NHL 09 by EA 9.5 in my book xbox 360

It is really that good

9.0 they give it as a rating. But I would say 9.5

It is that good (I know it is redundant)

The best part is you can do the "be a pro mode"

It is hard to set up the "Be a pro mode" but once you watch the tutorial it is still not that clear hahaahha.

You can be an actual pro or just make yourself an NHL player and have your favorite number and name on the back of your jersey.

It is a very awesome game. In "be a pro mode" you actually have to wait your turn on the bench a certain parts of the game and wait for your stamina to come back up.

Makes you just want to get in the game even more. So much fun. I might know what I am playing all weekend other than watching football.