Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mame Room and My Dream Controller

Some of your might know what Mame stands for but for those of you who don't. Mame = Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. It basicly means that you can play all those classic to video games you played in the Arcade when you grew up in the 80's for free on your PC or an old PC.

There is a huge community out there that even builds or restores these old Arcade Machines. Here are some useful links http://www.mameworld.net/ , http://mamedev.org/ , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAME , http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/mame.html. There are a lot more but for a start check out some of the most popular resources. You can even emulate other gaming consoles such as NES, Atari, C64, N64, Intellivision, Colecovision and others.

Some of these aren't legal to own and you have to do a lot of research to find them and configure them. But a few good old Google.com searches can help you get started.

The photo above is a Custom Mame controller built by http://www.mameroom.com/home.asp?affid=13 You can build your own controll panel, design it and have them build it, Or just have them build you the whole thing ready to play right out of the crate.

That photo is my dream controller but it cost around $675 bucks plus shipping. So this hobbie isn't all free and can get quite expensive and out of hand. There is tons of help out there too through a forum called http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/ You can get wrapped up and just dreaming and designing your arcade machine might be even more fun playing it.

Check out some of the examples people have built. Follow this link

I will add more soon about this topic. If you interested in learning more drop me an email at brent@brentdolanmedia.com



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

unwrapped Madden "oh behave" 9 : already 1-0 online

Well like most people that bumped up the ERTS and GME stock on Monday have been completely consumed with the game and must of sold off their stocks. Both stocks showed a loss today but it really isn't the top of discussion.Madden is finally here. I got my copy right on time from Amazon.com as aways. I even had a 25 dollar gift card from them because I signed up for a credit card from them.

Anyways Now that I am done with the sales pitch hahahah.On with the game. The game is probably hands down the best controlling offense I have yet to see in a madden game. The running is smooth. The passing is yet just as good as the running if not better. Defense is a little tricky because it seems like the offense is running so much faster. But with the mass confusion of my game play.

I still managed to go right online with no other games under my belt and win a 12-7 victory over the Philly Eagles with my Boyz of blue, The G-men Aka New York Giants.So I might retire my online play with and undefeated season hahahahah. Last year I went 8-1 then lost 10 straight games online. It was very frustrating but I ended up playing 2 more games to win and have a 10 and 10 record.

Well anyways Now that I am in random babble. It is great to say the Madden O9 is a must have for xbox 360 owners. I have yet to try it for other systems but after the disappointing Madden 08 on the wii. I am back to playing online with my 360.

Enjoy all you arm chair qb's.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Madden "OH" 9

I took my fellow friend Nick Z's advice. I went home last nite and downloaded Madden 09 for the xbox 360. First off I am a huge Giants fan. I know I know people say we are coming out of the wood work but it is true. I been a Giants fan ever since I was born. My father has had Season tickets since 1971 so I was born to be a Giants fan.
Well that being said this might actually be the year it is worth playing the Giants online. As Die Hard as a Giants fan I am. I always went Online and played as the Giants. Year after Year I got my arshe Kicked and Kicked some more. Hopefully this year will be different.
The download Demo of Madden 09 is awesome. Plain and Simple. It starts off to where you have to take an IQ test. Your performance of running, passing, defensive run stop and defensive Pass. If you score low the game will put you at a level they think you should be playing at. It is like getting graded on the curve in a room full of geniuses. The average player is going to suffer through this test but will not get their buttz handed to them through out the season. So it seems like a great tool right off the bat.
The graphics on this game are steller and might bet the best yet. I would love to see how the PS3 holds up to this catagory. Seeing it is suppose to have the better of the processors but I have yet been "blown away" with its ability yet. So you know I have most gaming systems. The Wii, PS3 and the True Gamers Console The Xbox 360. So that being said I can be as critical as I want. =) (i feel like the kid that has the bat, the ball and has to go home for dinner hahhahhaha)
Anyways that being said download the demo how ever you may want. You also might want to pre-order this game asap because you know there will be guys or girls online with already 12 games under their belts.
Click here to buy Madden 09
Oh yeah now that Brett Farve is a Jet will they reprint? hahahha i doubt it. Now Brett Farve is Double Cursed. On the cover of Madden and now on the Jets. Good luck Brett.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rock Band 2 Guitar "no customization needed"

This guitar looks so sweet. There will be no need for mods or any customization at all. It is the guitar all been waiting for.

Even though I miss the clicking of the strings (like the guitar hero guitars) and the buttons. Some like the quite sound of these guitars.

In the game of Rock Band I hardly ever play the guitar. I am always on drums or on vocals. I think I might of played the guitar about 3 songs total. But with this guitar things might change.

This thing looks good enough to hang on the wall. Very impressive and realistic. I already have my pre-order in.

I heard lots of complaints too about the first batch of guitars. Well let it be known that I have had my rock band drums, guitar, mic since Christmas 2007 and still working 100%. I don't know if people just don't take care of there stuff or not. But I never had anything go wrong with any of my stuff yet.

Looks like a double thumbs up "fonzi style" for this one. Can't wait to do a full review on it.



Click on the photo below for a larger view of the guitar.