Monday, November 7, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Noobs Welcome!

No Sleep and Vertigo here I come!

Who's with me?

But I won't be picking it up at midnight. I can wait till tomorrow.

"So Fired Up Let's Do this"

Brent Dolan

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Progress on the Oak Cocktail Arcade Machine

Well I have the new Leather club chairs in. After my wife and I decided to move the Golden Tee video Arcade Machine out of our Living room we replaced it with the Oak Cocktail Table I been working on for the last 6 or so months here and there. My wife actually noticed how nice of a job I was doing on the cocktail table. She suggested we move it into our living room. I haven't had to much time with my 4 and 2 year old running around so I been slowly making as much progress as I can. I been just throwing photos of progress up on my website here. Hopefully when it is all said and done I will be able to sort it out and clean up the site a bit. But I am sure something else will come up. It is all good.

Brent Dolan
Extended Play Arcade

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So on at The Kong off!

This year it will be Donkey Kong's 30th Birthday. Donkey Kong is arguably one of the most sought after arcade machines in the history of Classic Arcade gaming. There was even a Movie "The King of Kong a fist full of quarters" made about it. Well anyways with all that being said. They are having a Kong off (well to be exact) over at Richie Knucklez place. These guys are the same guys that brought you the recent Tron off . The Tron off was a huge success and I believe in my heart The Kong off might be the biggest thing the Classic Gaming World has ever and will ever see.
Anyways with all that being said check out the Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe and Hank Chien battle this March 19th and 20th for 48 hours straight at

Brent Dolan