Friday, June 27, 2008

Donkey Kong 2 Arcade Game

DK2 Arcade Game yes it is true. This game has been spotted at Funspot. Rumor is that a certain programer and fan of Donkey Kong wrote a program for 4 extra bonus levels of Donkey Kong. Funspot is calling it Donkey Kong 2. I seen photos of the machine on the web and it looks very pretty I must say.

Check out the game play on this video.

It got me so pumped I had to go out to the man cave and play a little original DK myself. (and yes i stink at the original donkey kong but it is still one of the best games of all time)

Kong is still the King...


Check out this video from YouTube below.

Once again, proof as to how challenging, and unquestionably awesome, Donkey Kong continues to be.

You know, considering the ease of the controls, you'd think that this game would make on the X-box Live Arcade. It probably would become the most downloaded game on the site.

It's amazing. 20-plus years, and the game continues to amaze and amuse fans everywhere.

Maybe it's the documentary that's causing people to continue to upload video of themselves playing this classic. Who knows? But, nobody can doubt how much fun it still is to dodge barrels, avoid flames, and, most importantly, rack up points.

Billy Mitchell beware!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love is a Battlefield:bad company take 2

I wrote about this Demo on my about us section. I just can't get over how much fun the online feature of this game is and I am only playing the DEMO.

It is a free demo to those who have a xbox live account. It is so worth your time and hard drive space to download this one. You won't believe the mulitplayer feature and how many people are online playing it.

This game isn't about the graphics or the story mode (some will disagree with me). It is all about the multiplayer IMO. The sniper rifles in this game are probably the best in any 1st person shooter I have played.

This game is very refreshing after a tough day at work. You can play for hours or 10 minutes in the online multiplayer to get your gaming fix.

Triple thumbs up in my book for gameplay! Order your copy now! Click here



Check out this video below on the making of the game. Very cool

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Battlefield 2: The demo

Yeah, I know it's a little weird to write a review for a demo, right? Well, sometimes a demo is all you need to convince yourself to drop the $60 at your local game retailer.

Brent and I just checked out the demo for Battlefield: Bad Company. If the demo is any indication to how great this game is going to be, then I advise you to head down to your favorite game store, and grab a copy of what's going to be the next great entry in the military shoot-em up series.

Taking a cue from Call of Duty 4, in terms of graphics and gunplay, this game promises a greater experience than the original Battlefield. With better graphics than it's predecessor, and better gameplay, Battlefield: Bad company adds to the original with more guns, more fun, and more things to blow up. The shoot-em up trifecta!

The single player portion of the demo has you essentially playing the Prologue; where you meet your new squadmates, and quickly engage the enemy. The game just throws you into the action.

The single player portion is pretty lengthy as well. Brent and I took about 30 minutes to finish it, considering we must have been blown up and shot up several times, as we were just enjoying the awesome detail of everything from the flowers in the field, to the buildings that hide our enemies. The single player demo ends with your character and his squadmates learning the identity of the enemy: a rogue mercenary organization, where members are paid in gold. And, it's that gold that'll drive the main character and his squad as they track down and destroy this new enemy.

While graphically, the game looks more and more like Infinity Ward's last Call of Duty game, Battlefield adds to the fun factor by allowing the player to ride several different vehicles, use a huge assortment of guns, and pretty much blow up anything that gets in your way. And, that's just in the demo.

As I type this, Brent's checking out the online multiplayer feature of the demo. The online multiplayer! Yep, Battlefield 2's demo's got us blowing up our online competition, without having to actually purchase the game.

If the demo's any indication as to how great this game is going to be, it's a safe bet I'll be spending the rest of June sending rogue terrorists to an early grave.

Battlefield: Bad Company hits stores June 23rd. Not nearly soon enough. But, considering how fun the demo is, I'll have plenty to keep me busy until the game's actually released-always the best indication of a great demo.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Living in the past....

Hey folks,

As I wait for almost another week to get my hands on Metal Gear Solid 4, I decided to spend last weekend getting caught up with the earlier chapters of the series. It only made sense to start at the beginning, so I decided to reacquaint myself with the original Metal Gear. What you see below is my review....

Original Metal Gear:

Old school gaming is extremely hit or miss, with the latter mostly being the case. Usually, trying to play an old game just does not work-the graphics are choppy and crude, and the gameplay’s static and becomes repetitive too quickly.

Companies in the past have tried to revive our longing memories of our favorite old school games by including them in recent versions of the series. Three years ago, Madden football celebrated it’s 15th anniversary, by releasing a “Collector’s Edition” that included two “classic” versions of the series-one from the Super Nintendo/Genesis era, and one from the PS1 era. Unfortunately, when compared to their digital descendants, these games simply didn’t hold up for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Most gamers played the classic games for a few minutes, remembered their fond memories of playing the older games when they originally came out, but eventually switched discs, and went back to playing the 2005 version.

Which brings us to Metal Gear. A year after the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the game creators at Konami decided to re-release MGS3 in an updated format, renaming it Metal Gear Solid: Subsistance. The game was all the better for it, with an improved camera view, and additional content for the player, including bonus games, and more online content. Along with those additions, though, were included the MSX (Japan’s Nintendo) versions of the first two Metal Gear games.

Unlike EA’s attempt at reveling in gaming past, Konami’s effort was a huge success.

Personally, playing Metal Gear surprised me. I was impressed at how well the gameplay manages to hold up, despite being in existence for 21 years. 21 years! Despite its age, playing the original Metal Gear reminds us that sometimes games are called “classics” for a reason.

Story-wise, the game still has an intrigue to it. Playing the game, I was still interested in the story around these nuclear weapons that are called Metal Gear. For fans of the series, the original game allows them to fully appreciate everybody’s favorite covert operative, Snake. From his lowly 8-bit origins, to the upcoming 3-d visual masterpiece that will be Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake’s first adventure continues to keep players pressing away on their controllers.

The gameplay also manages to keep the player more than satisfied. With menus galore, and the now famous com-link transmitter, players will still enjoy the original game, and still get a kick out of using all of the available weapons, and trying to sneak around unsuspecting guards.

The game that started the “stealth” craze in video games continues to maintain a strong “fun factor” that’ll make players forget the game’s age very quickly.

This might be your father’s “Metal Gear”, but most gamers won’t mind, as they relive Snake’s first battle against the weapon that we’ve all come to know, love and fear: Metal Gear.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Metal Gear going multi-plaform?

With the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, due out in exactly a week from today, one has to wonder about the possibility of this latest entry into the stealth action series going multi-platform. With PS3 sales only now starting to pick up, Metal Gear's developer, Konami, can't help but think about the missed opportunity of missing out on purchases by 360 owners of this latest entry into the Metal Gear Solid series.

For owners of the 360 or Wii, history is on their side. Metal Gear Solid 4's possible appearance on other platforms wouldn't be the first time that Konami's flagship series would be appearing on a non-Sony console. Metal Gear Solid 2 was released for the original X-box a few years ago, soon after the release of the game for the PS2. Konami did tweak their product, though, adding new missions, and additional features.

Also, some may remember Metal Gear's appearance on the Nintendo Gamecube, in the form of "Metal Gear: The Twin Snakes", which was a revision of the first Metal Gear Solid game a few years ago as well.

From a sales standpoint, the argument in a slam-dunk; there are less PS3s owned than X-box 360s. Allowing Snake's latest adventure to be played by owners of both consoles would allow Konami's latest game to establish all kinds of records in terms of sales. But, contractual obligations, and legal issues will not make that endeavor an easy one. It appears that Konami's pretty much in bed with Sony, and allowing Microsoft to gain anything positive from the release of Metal Gear solid would simply be unacceptable to the maker of the PS3.

As gamers, all we can do is hope that, for once, the console makers will lay down their swords, and allow more gamers to enjoy Konami's latest offering, without having to shell out more money for a console that most people do not own.

We shall see....

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