Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Non Sports Trading Card show????

Non Sports Trading Card show    WTF?  Yes there is such a thing.  Trading cards are big and maybe even bigger than ever.  There are trading cards for everything from Video game Greats like Walter Day founder of Twin Galaxies, Billy Mitchell World renoun Video Game World Champion to Trading Cards about Twilight the movie.

For more on the Non Trading Cards info check out

The funny thing about all this I was asked by Walter Day to be there seeing they are unveiling my Video Game Card.  I haven't seen it but I will be going to see.  I am on this list of along with Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Richie Knucklez, Steve Wagner, Lance Eustache, TriForce Johnson and more  Click here for more info

Hope you can make it.

Brent Dolan


Friday, March 16, 2012

Ride with Walter Day to the Smithsonian art museum

Get your motor running and ride with Walter Day to the Smithsonian Art Museum's video game history exhibit. Walter day continues his path into making video game history. Walter never forgetting his true roots is at the Smithsonian Art Museum on March 16th 2012 (St. Patrick's Day Eve).

Thanks to Day, Iowa has its own chapter in the history of video games. He continues to put his "dent in pop culture" and he also adds to video game legitimacy.

I am sure in Walter's wildest dreams that he would ever seem himself in a part of history like this. As they quoted him saying “Years ago, I studied history in college and wanted to be a history teacher,” Day said. “Now, I am history. It’s a remarkable life journey.” Read more....

It is another great accomplishment for our video game ambassador.

Above is a photo taken by long time friend Ray Dollard. Ray is also the one that gifted Walter an amazing Ovation Guitar at Funspot in 2009.

Again congrats to Walter Day!
Brent Dolan


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Music Video with tons of Video games in it! can you name them all?

they come to get us from Guillaume Panariello on Vimeo.

"They come to get us"
by Guillaume Panariello

"The Death Set lead an army of pop culture icons through the streets of NYC in the music video for “They Come to Get Us”. The group’s latest album, Michel Poiccard, is out now via Counter Records. Directed by: Guillaume Panariello Featuring The Death Set - Johnny Siera and Dan Walker Drawing by - Julie Fabre, Charlotte Serrus and Guillaume Panariello Editing, post production and SFX - Guillaume Panariello With the participation of - Loïc Lami and Marie Chareyre Sound Design and mix - Gilles Cabau Produced by Guillaume Panariello and Julie Fabre Thanks to... Samir Amar Khodja, Emmanual Darley, Kristy Lituma, Mina Lituma (the cat), Jerome Mettling, Pierre Maillard, Andrew Kramer, Mattrunk. They Come to Get Us From the LP "Michel Poiccard" Counter Records (Ninja Tune), 2011. Written and Produced by Johnny Siera and Dan Walker Initial Production by Beau Velasco and XXXChange Drums by Jahphet Landis"

New Music Video with tons of Video games in it! can you name them all?
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Brent Dolan

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suck on that Roger Ebert!

Couldn't care less if Roger Ebert doesn't consider video games art. Stick to your VHS copy of Citizen Kane, and keep on hating, while games continue to be a more enjoyable form of entertainment than any movie could hope to accomplish. While I hate EA's NFL deal, I give a lot of props to the company. Battlefield, Reckoning, Mass Effect and so many other solid titles that boast the EA logo on the case.

"Mass Effect 3 Ships 3.5 Million Copies"

Nick P. Zaveri