Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Stools for Cocktail Arcade Table

My wonderful wife found these great little mini (not real leather) stools for my future Cocktail Arcade table. The tops even come off for storage.

I just mentioned it to her that it would be cool to have a Arcade Cocktail table down the basement but I would need some sort of cool seating. AND WALLA bang two days later she found these college dorm seating chairs at Khols for $17 bucks each.

What a score. I don't know if they are the best height for the cocktail table but nothing a little wood and black paint couldn't fix if you are handy. They seem a tad bit short but I don't even have my arcade cocktail table started yet so I will adjust later if needed.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Future Mame Cocktail Table

This is the Future Empty Cabinet for my Gameroom. I can't bring myself to Mame one of my Favorite cabinets (my Golden Tee 99) so I decided to get a nice cocktail table for the basement. I wanted to build it all myself but time just isn't on my side lately plus my wood working skills are in the novice range (I wish I took shop in High School)

I will keep you posted on my day to day project with this cabinet. I already have the stain picked out. It is going to be stained pecan color with black T molding. I am not sure what I am going to do about the top. I have a few options I might do. I might get the lexan printed here at work on the underside with some custom artwork or I might go with the stained top and just have a protectly square of glass around the lcd monitor I am going to use.

Yes I am going to use LCD instead of a CRT. I am just not in the mood to deal with another arcade monitor. I want to set this up easy and not deal with a lot of hassle. I am not sure what front end I am going to use either. I might use hyperspin on this one because then I can use hyperpin too but I also might use Maximus Front end seeing that works awesome too. Who know but it will be one or the other. I can wait to get this nice winter project going.


New all time high! -15 Golden Tee

This video is proof that I got 15 under par on Coconut Cove on Golden Tee 99. I eagled the last hole to pull off my best score ever on the Arcade version. This is not a Mame cabinet this is the PCB board. I am pretty stoked and wish I video taped the whole thing but as you can hear in the audio I had my hands full taking care of my girls. Still great stuff