Wednesday, June 9, 2010

-10 on Coconut Cove Golden tee 99

10 under par this past sunday on Coconut Cove Golden Tee 99.

This isn't a mame score this is an actual Golden Tee 99 machine. I have not converted this machine over to a multi gaming arcade machine yet seeing I just can't bring myself to it.

-10 isn't my best score on Coconut Cove but I haven't played this game as much as I use to. My Best Score I think is -12 and my best Score is on Rancho Ranch (i think that is the name) and it is

15 under par. Trackball games are so much fun because there isn't much effort involved. You don't even need to have both hands free for this game. I actually had my one year old daughter in my left arm while playing this game. She really enjoys being held and watching me play.

The newest golden tee machines are so far advance now but I still really like 97, 98 and 99 courses and even 2k. I own two golden tee boards and have the Roms for the Original golden tee, 97, 98, 99, and 2k. So it is kind of a pain to switch and swap them out but they all work and being stored safely at this point.

This will be the only way I get on the golf course this year. Good thing it is in my living room.