Monday, November 10, 2008

Guitar Hero Arcade Cabinet

A Guitar Hero Arcade Cabinet. Yes it is true. This thing of beauty is fully funtional and ready to rock. Can you buy this work of art? Nope it was built custom by a famous arcade cabinet designer and builder.

He goes by the name of Knievel on forum. He is a Canadian native and brings the meaning of Game Room to a whole new level. I must say with all my research of some of the best Home Game Rooms. Canada hands down has the most innovative ones. It might have to do with being stuck in doors for most of the year.

This Guitar Hero Arcade Cabinet has been featured in TONS of artcles on the web and in print. I am not 100% sure but I think it was or will be featured in Game Room Magazine. Just guitar hero arcade cabinet and read an endless sea of articles of this famous cabinet.

Click here for the full forum and more photos and angles


Check out the full forum

Saturday, October 4, 2008

NHL 09 by EA 9.5 in my book xbox 360

It is really that good

9.0 they give it as a rating. But I would say 9.5

It is that good (I know it is redundant)

The best part is you can do the "be a pro mode"

It is hard to set up the "Be a pro mode" but once you watch the tutorial it is still not that clear hahaahha.

You can be an actual pro or just make yourself an NHL player and have your favorite number and name on the back of your jersey.

It is a very awesome game. In "be a pro mode" you actually have to wait your turn on the bench a certain parts of the game and wait for your stamina to come back up.

Makes you just want to get in the game even more. So much fun. I might know what I am playing all weekend other than watching football.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Worried about Pinball?

Well Don't be to worried.

This is insane what this guys are making these days out of a LCD monitor. I know I know. You are thinking "what a waste" but come on did you see this video?

With the prices of LCD dropping like lead brick. Everyone should have no excuse to own one.

It is on my wish list.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mame Room and My Dream Controller

Some of your might know what Mame stands for but for those of you who don't. Mame = Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. It basicly means that you can play all those classic to video games you played in the Arcade when you grew up in the 80's for free on your PC or an old PC.

There is a huge community out there that even builds or restores these old Arcade Machines. Here are some useful links , , , There are a lot more but for a start check out some of the most popular resources. You can even emulate other gaming consoles such as NES, Atari, C64, N64, Intellivision, Colecovision and others.

Some of these aren't legal to own and you have to do a lot of research to find them and configure them. But a few good old searches can help you get started.

The photo above is a Custom Mame controller built by You can build your own controll panel, design it and have them build it, Or just have them build you the whole thing ready to play right out of the crate.

That photo is my dream controller but it cost around $675 bucks plus shipping. So this hobbie isn't all free and can get quite expensive and out of hand. There is tons of help out there too through a forum called You can get wrapped up and just dreaming and designing your arcade machine might be even more fun playing it.

Check out some of the examples people have built. Follow this link

I will add more soon about this topic. If you interested in learning more drop me an email at


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

unwrapped Madden "oh behave" 9 : already 1-0 online

Well like most people that bumped up the ERTS and GME stock on Monday have been completely consumed with the game and must of sold off their stocks. Both stocks showed a loss today but it really isn't the top of discussion.Madden is finally here. I got my copy right on time from as aways. I even had a 25 dollar gift card from them because I signed up for a credit card from them.

Anyways Now that I am done with the sales pitch hahahah.On with the game. The game is probably hands down the best controlling offense I have yet to see in a madden game. The running is smooth. The passing is yet just as good as the running if not better. Defense is a little tricky because it seems like the offense is running so much faster. But with the mass confusion of my game play.

I still managed to go right online with no other games under my belt and win a 12-7 victory over the Philly Eagles with my Boyz of blue, The G-men Aka New York Giants.So I might retire my online play with and undefeated season hahahahah. Last year I went 8-1 then lost 10 straight games online. It was very frustrating but I ended up playing 2 more games to win and have a 10 and 10 record.

Well anyways Now that I am in random babble. It is great to say the Madden O9 is a must have for xbox 360 owners. I have yet to try it for other systems but after the disappointing Madden 08 on the wii. I am back to playing online with my 360.

Enjoy all you arm chair qb's.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Madden "OH" 9

I took my fellow friend Nick Z's advice. I went home last nite and downloaded Madden 09 for the xbox 360. First off I am a huge Giants fan. I know I know people say we are coming out of the wood work but it is true. I been a Giants fan ever since I was born. My father has had Season tickets since 1971 so I was born to be a Giants fan.
Well that being said this might actually be the year it is worth playing the Giants online. As Die Hard as a Giants fan I am. I always went Online and played as the Giants. Year after Year I got my arshe Kicked and Kicked some more. Hopefully this year will be different.
The download Demo of Madden 09 is awesome. Plain and Simple. It starts off to where you have to take an IQ test. Your performance of running, passing, defensive run stop and defensive Pass. If you score low the game will put you at a level they think you should be playing at. It is like getting graded on the curve in a room full of geniuses. The average player is going to suffer through this test but will not get their buttz handed to them through out the season. So it seems like a great tool right off the bat.
The graphics on this game are steller and might bet the best yet. I would love to see how the PS3 holds up to this catagory. Seeing it is suppose to have the better of the processors but I have yet been "blown away" with its ability yet. So you know I have most gaming systems. The Wii, PS3 and the True Gamers Console The Xbox 360. So that being said I can be as critical as I want. =) (i feel like the kid that has the bat, the ball and has to go home for dinner hahhahhaha)
Anyways that being said download the demo how ever you may want. You also might want to pre-order this game asap because you know there will be guys or girls online with already 12 games under their belts.
Click here to buy Madden 09
Oh yeah now that Brett Farve is a Jet will they reprint? hahahha i doubt it. Now Brett Farve is Double Cursed. On the cover of Madden and now on the Jets. Good luck Brett.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rock Band 2 Guitar "no customization needed"

This guitar looks so sweet. There will be no need for mods or any customization at all. It is the guitar all been waiting for.

Even though I miss the clicking of the strings (like the guitar hero guitars) and the buttons. Some like the quite sound of these guitars.

In the game of Rock Band I hardly ever play the guitar. I am always on drums or on vocals. I think I might of played the guitar about 3 songs total. But with this guitar things might change.

This thing looks good enough to hang on the wall. Very impressive and realistic. I already have my pre-order in.

I heard lots of complaints too about the first batch of guitars. Well let it be known that I have had my rock band drums, guitar, mic since Christmas 2007 and still working 100%. I don't know if people just don't take care of there stuff or not. But I never had anything go wrong with any of my stuff yet.

Looks like a double thumbs up "fonzi style" for this one. Can't wait to do a full review on it.


Click on the photo below for a larger view of the guitar.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock Band 2 Drum Set

Rock Band 2 is on the horizon and already photos of the new drum set are hitting the net. The set target price for these new drums are $300 bones. So start giving blood and selling your sperm now. It is definately a hefty price tag for this game but the drums do look very sweet.

If you are a lucky person like myself and own a set of Roland V-drums you can mod your V-drums like this guy did.

Looks like a lot of work for the average lazy gamer like myself. That just likes to plug it in and play. With having the original Drums for Rock Band. It might be something I will have to upgrade if they add in different elements to the drums on the software side. Like actually hitting a cymble instead of a drum pad.

The better late than never award goes to Guitar Hero for their attempt at making a drum set for there already popular franchise.

It doesn't look as good as Rock Band 2's new drum set but It is much better looking than Rock Band's first attempt.

The good thing with all of this is. The more competition the better for us. I wish they would start making new mic stands too with attachable bandanas or something really goofly lame cool. So we can rock out to dude looks like a lady (and gallop around the house) or what ever goofy over the top songs from bon jovi.

Everyone wants to be a rock star at one point in their life.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3: Day 2

Now, it's Nintendo's turn at the mic.

Nice way to start off. Shawn White is demonstrating the new Wii balance board, and demostrates how the board is used in his game, "Shawn White: Snowboarding". And now, Shawn's offering tips to one of the Nintendo higher ups. The demo looks great, and White's endorsement is awesome.

Nintendo just gets it sometimes. The Wii balance board makes the snowboarding game awesome. Now, just thinking about the cost of the Wii, the board, and the game just makes me sad and poor. But, for those who already have a Wii, the board looks like a great addition, and White's game provides a great supporting game.

Now, we are joined by Nintendo's CEO. Nice information, but the guy's got a thick accent. Makes it hard to appreciate what he's got to say. Get some interpreters, guys! How are we gamers going to appreciate what lies ahead for the Wii, if we can't understand what the hell is being said about it?

Okay, way too much of a lecture from the CEO. More games, please.

Okay, on to Animal Crossing. Apparently, gamers can interact with a living world, where animals live cooperatively with the gamers Miis. (Seems nice to anybody who hasn't quite hit puberty yet.)

Now the CEO of Nintendo of America is on the stage. No hard to understand accents here. He begins by talking about the Nintendo DS, and it's strong sales. (Something I'll never understand. The "two window" thing just didn't do it for me, and the Palm pilot rip-off pen is a pain in the neck. I tend to think the PSP is a better hand-held, but that'd just me.)

Okay, I'm fast forwarding. I don't need to be told how many units a handheld has sold.

Finally! A Star Wars game for the Wii. LucasArts' Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be available for the Wii, with players able to finally use their controllers as light sabers. (About time, Nintendo. But, hey, better late than never.)

Also, the new Call of Duty game will be available for the Wii. The graphics look great, and the gameplay is impressive.

And, now we're back to more DS info. Boring! Now, more stats about DS sales.

Interesting fact: The DS' Guitar Hero: On Tour has sold 300,000 units. Gee, that means that there are 300,000 disappointed people out there! The game just isn't the same on the DS, but that's a discussion for another day, and another blog.

Okay, here's something cool. The game Spore will be available on the DS. Spore's an interesting game. The ability to create your own world, and populate it with creatures of your own design is pretty interesting. Props to the DS for that one.

Oh, no. Another Pokemon game. Quick! I gotta find the remote!

But, before I press the "fast forward" button, though, here's something interesting. Nintendo will have a version of Grand Theft Auto on the DS.

What? Huh? Why is a kid-friendly portable gaming system featuring a port of Grand Theft Auto? Isn't that like having porn on Nickelodeon? Nintendo seems like it's having an identity crisis.

Now, back to the Wii. Now we've got the Wii Motion Plus, an added piece that fits onto the Wii remote, and allows for even more motion sensitivity. The controller allows for perfectly sync'd motion that perfectly replicates the person's hand motion step for step. Impressive. The first game that will utilize this new added piece will be Wii Sports Resort. The game takes the Wii Sports concept outdoors. Now, I'm checking out a sword fighting game that will be featured on Wii Sports Resort. We'll have a long wait, though, for the game. It's due out in Spring 09.

And now, music. We start with a drummer using the Wii motion controller on a drum set. Awesome! We're now being introduced to Wii Music, where the motion controller allows the player to be able to play a variety of instruments. Right now, we're watching the guy playing drums still, and now another guy playing a jazz tune on a saxophone. (Nope, no actual saxophone necessary. Just your regular Wii controller. Amazing. Very, very cool.)

The game will allow you to play 50 instruments. 50 instruments! Whoa. Now, we've got a guy playing violin. Very impressive. The drum kit can actually be augmented by the Wii balance board, allowing the player to use the board to control the bass drum.

Wow, up to four players can all play at the same time. On the stage, we've got four players, and our guest drummer playing what else? The theme to Super Mario Bros. (Very, very awesome!)

And, with that, Nintendo wraps up.

Very impressive. Overall good press conference.

Monday, July 14, 2008

E3: The Blog...

Okay, you all just missed my ranting and raving about G4's coverage. I'll quickly sum up:

1. Morgan Webb is still hot.
2. Three commercial breaks is way too many before a press conference.

Okay, Microsoft is starting up. (This first guy is pretty boring, and is making it REALLY obvious that he's reading from a teleprompter).

Microsoft starts off with a demo of Fallout 3. (Not going to lie to you all. I've never played the first two games.) The demo plays smoothly. Graphically, it seems a little like Bad Company, with a post-apocalyptic array of weapons and storyline. (It's amazing. Watching this demo just reminds me of how graphically superior Gears of War still is, versus games that are coming even now.) The guy who played the game for us was pretty cool. Much cooler than the first guy who talked.

Now, Resident Evil 5. The project lead speaks in Japanese, so the translator is talking for him. (What's cool about this demo is that this marks the first time that the RE franchise has appeared on the X-box 360. Props to Microsoft for getting the rights to put this game on the console!) The demo looks good. Looks a little like the last Metal Gear game, but with probably less lengthy cut-scenes. Ooh, a sniper view! Seems that's a must-have in any shooter these days, and you won't get any complaints about that from me. (Awww, the demo got cut short. Time constraints and all that. But, definitely looks like a winner.)

Now, we're talking! Fable 2.

Good opening. The project lead starts out by saying that "Fable 2" is complete. Nice!

We start out with some opening cinematics. So far, so good.

What the? The main character got hit by bird poo? What the?

Okay, more gameplay. (Graphics are good. Definitely a step up from the first game).

Whoa. You can "call up" friends online, and letting friends "jump in" to your storyline. So, friends are entering "your world". Wow.

Nice! You can marry, and have kids. And, the kids grow up with you. Total consistency with the story. Very impressive.

Fable 2 will be out in October of this year.

......And, now, Gears of War 2.....

We start out with a brief trailer. Very nice. Shows off the "human shield" feature, where you can put a guy in front of you, and let him take on the bullets that are meant for you.

Okay, gameplay. Pretty similar graphics, which is fine by me, considering how awesome the graphics were. Okay, more human shield demonstration. Hmm, it has an "Unreal Tournament" type of vibe too it. More wide-open battles.

Holy crap! There's a flame thrower! (I can the money oozing out of my wallet.)

Now, there's a new, huge monster, that just blew up the building that we're in. We're on the run now, and trying to get out.

And now, instead of killing the monster, we get to RIDE it.

Gears of War 2. Out November 7th. (Can anybody say "Happy Early Birthday Gift"

Aw, no. The first boring guy is back again. Ugh.

Aw, no. Microsoft is now creating it's own "Miis". That's a little bit of a rip-off. These are the Microsoft Avatars-"Miis" that allow you to be in the actual games that you play. Just like the Miis on the Wii.

Just so you know, I'm fast-forwarding through some of this stuff. I don't need to know about the number of consoles sales, the number of Xbox live subscribers, how Microsoft is dominating the gaming market, etc.

Just show me the games, folks. Save the business stats for your next Board of Directors meeting.

Okay, now we're talking. "Scene It: Box office smash". I loved the first one, so I'm looking forward to this version as well.

And now, we're checking out "You're In The Movies". Where you basically get to act like an idiot, and actually show up in the game. (I'll pass).

New Guitar Hero. World Tour. Metallica is participating, by allowing their entire new album to be played on the game. (If the album's anything like "St. Anger", I think I'll pass though.)

New Karyoke game. Eh.

Rock Band 2. And, the entire setlist is available to view. Nice. Axl Rose is lending one of the tracks from the upcoming G 'n R album "Chinese Democracy". (Of course, this album has been talked about for the past couple of years, so you'll have to forgive me for rolling my eyes at this announcement a little bit). Bob Dylan appearing on the game is pretty cool, though, lending his song "Tangled Up in Blue" to the game.

And now, and annoucement from Square-Enix. Hmm, new RPG? (Geez, I appreciate the guy trying to speak without the interpreter, but I might have brought in the interpreter on this one. This guy's hard to understand.) Now, we're checking out The Last Remnant, a new RPG. So far, so good. Available November 20.

........And, that's it for Microsoft. Nothing out of the ordinary. Fable 2 looks great, and I'm already ready to sell a kidney, just to play a demo of Gears 2.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wii-60 remote for xbox 360? Better have a bowling game!

I was searching the net and found this article through a gaming forum and it directed me to this great web site . I really dig their tag line as well.

Anyways this is huge news for xbox 360 owners. I mean the wii is so much fun with wii sports and ummm well that is about it (seeing developers are still learning the power of the Wii remotes). Could this be the nail in the coffin for all other consoles out there? I mean I can only dream of a xbox live bowling game with tournaments and leagues and stuff. Oh my the fun. Well for me anyways.

Check out this web site if it hasn't crashed already with about a million gamers heading to it.

I'll try and keep ya posted on any new happs with this new exciting news.


P.S. got some great Donkey Kong video footage of a little tournament we had over the 4th of july weekend. I already have the score to beat 39,600. Yeah I know it isn't impressive but I only been playing for a week. I hope to get better.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't believe the hype....

Chuck D & Co. definitely said it best. And, in video games, the axiom still holds true.

Shocking as it might sound, I traded in Halo 3 the other day. Tuesday, to be precise.

Yup, you read it correctly folks. I traded in Halo 3. Come to think of it, I traded in Assassin's Creed as well.

You see, sometimes hype can just blind a gamer. You think you're playing the greatest game ever, and mostly that's only because you're being TOLD that it's the greatest game ever.

It's funny. When I used to play Nintendo games, and even Super Nintendo games, I can't really recall watching television commercials that told me what games were worth buying. I don't even recall articles in magazines that told me what games to buy. Back then, the only source that told me what games to buy were my friends.

I'll repeat that. The only source that told me what games to buy were friends.

Yup. No magazines, no commercials. Just the simple, good ol' "word on the street".

And, you know what? When it came to Halo 3, the word on the street wasn't that good.

It's amazing, isn't it? Millions are dollars in advertising, on internet, tv, and magazines, and yet I can't think of a single person who raved about how good Master Chief's third outing was. Actually, when it came to talking about Halo 3, I mostly heard:

"yeah, it's okay, but I thought Halo 2 was better."

Yup. Despite all of the hype, and all of the marketing, the game still couldn't compare to it's predecessor.

But, despite the aforementioned word on the street, I still bought into the hype. I preordered, and I waited on line like everybody else.

And, try as I did, I couldn't stick with it.

Maybe it was the repetitive enemies. One can only shoot up Covenant members for so long.
Who knows? All I know is that after logging in about four hours, I turned off the game two weeks ago, and still haven't had the urge to turn it back on.

That's usually the best sign, isn't it? Having no desire to continue playing.

Meanwhile, I finally got around to playing the demo for Bioshock a few weeks ago. A couple of days after I played, I still thought about the game, and looked forward to playing again. Since then, I did purchase the game. With the money that I got back from selling back Halo 3.

Oh, and by the way, I still haven't heard a bad word about Bioshock, from those same words on the street. In fact, I tend to hear phrases like "that game's sick!", or, "You haven't played that yet?! What's wrong with you?". You get the picture.

So, the moral of the story? The next time you're looking for a reliable review of a game, look no further than the "contacts" list on your cell phone.

The word on the street still rules.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Donkey Kong 2 Arcade Game

DK2 Arcade Game yes it is true. This game has been spotted at Funspot. Rumor is that a certain programer and fan of Donkey Kong wrote a program for 4 extra bonus levels of Donkey Kong. Funspot is calling it Donkey Kong 2. I seen photos of the machine on the web and it looks very pretty I must say.

Check out the game play on this video.

It got me so pumped I had to go out to the man cave and play a little original DK myself. (and yes i stink at the original donkey kong but it is still one of the best games of all time)

Kong is still the King...


Check out this video from YouTube below.

Once again, proof as to how challenging, and unquestionably awesome, Donkey Kong continues to be.

You know, considering the ease of the controls, you'd think that this game would make on the X-box Live Arcade. It probably would become the most downloaded game on the site.

It's amazing. 20-plus years, and the game continues to amaze and amuse fans everywhere.

Maybe it's the documentary that's causing people to continue to upload video of themselves playing this classic. Who knows? But, nobody can doubt how much fun it still is to dodge barrels, avoid flames, and, most importantly, rack up points.

Billy Mitchell beware!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love is a Battlefield:bad company take 2

I wrote about this Demo on my about us section. I just can't get over how much fun the online feature of this game is and I am only playing the DEMO.

It is a free demo to those who have a xbox live account. It is so worth your time and hard drive space to download this one. You won't believe the mulitplayer feature and how many people are online playing it.

This game isn't about the graphics or the story mode (some will disagree with me). It is all about the multiplayer IMO. The sniper rifles in this game are probably the best in any 1st person shooter I have played.

This game is very refreshing after a tough day at work. You can play for hours or 10 minutes in the online multiplayer to get your gaming fix.

Triple thumbs up in my book for gameplay! Order your copy now! Click here



Check out this video below on the making of the game. Very cool

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Battlefield 2: The demo

Yeah, I know it's a little weird to write a review for a demo, right? Well, sometimes a demo is all you need to convince yourself to drop the $60 at your local game retailer.

Brent and I just checked out the demo for Battlefield: Bad Company. If the demo is any indication to how great this game is going to be, then I advise you to head down to your favorite game store, and grab a copy of what's going to be the next great entry in the military shoot-em up series.

Taking a cue from Call of Duty 4, in terms of graphics and gunplay, this game promises a greater experience than the original Battlefield. With better graphics than it's predecessor, and better gameplay, Battlefield: Bad company adds to the original with more guns, more fun, and more things to blow up. The shoot-em up trifecta!

The single player portion of the demo has you essentially playing the Prologue; where you meet your new squadmates, and quickly engage the enemy. The game just throws you into the action.

The single player portion is pretty lengthy as well. Brent and I took about 30 minutes to finish it, considering we must have been blown up and shot up several times, as we were just enjoying the awesome detail of everything from the flowers in the field, to the buildings that hide our enemies. The single player demo ends with your character and his squadmates learning the identity of the enemy: a rogue mercenary organization, where members are paid in gold. And, it's that gold that'll drive the main character and his squad as they track down and destroy this new enemy.

While graphically, the game looks more and more like Infinity Ward's last Call of Duty game, Battlefield adds to the fun factor by allowing the player to ride several different vehicles, use a huge assortment of guns, and pretty much blow up anything that gets in your way. And, that's just in the demo.

As I type this, Brent's checking out the online multiplayer feature of the demo. The online multiplayer! Yep, Battlefield 2's demo's got us blowing up our online competition, without having to actually purchase the game.

If the demo's any indication as to how great this game is going to be, it's a safe bet I'll be spending the rest of June sending rogue terrorists to an early grave.

Battlefield: Bad Company hits stores June 23rd. Not nearly soon enough. But, considering how fun the demo is, I'll have plenty to keep me busy until the game's actually released-always the best indication of a great demo.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Living in the past....

Hey folks,

As I wait for almost another week to get my hands on Metal Gear Solid 4, I decided to spend last weekend getting caught up with the earlier chapters of the series. It only made sense to start at the beginning, so I decided to reacquaint myself with the original Metal Gear. What you see below is my review....

Original Metal Gear:

Old school gaming is extremely hit or miss, with the latter mostly being the case. Usually, trying to play an old game just does not work-the graphics are choppy and crude, and the gameplay’s static and becomes repetitive too quickly.

Companies in the past have tried to revive our longing memories of our favorite old school games by including them in recent versions of the series. Three years ago, Madden football celebrated it’s 15th anniversary, by releasing a “Collector’s Edition” that included two “classic” versions of the series-one from the Super Nintendo/Genesis era, and one from the PS1 era. Unfortunately, when compared to their digital descendants, these games simply didn’t hold up for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Most gamers played the classic games for a few minutes, remembered their fond memories of playing the older games when they originally came out, but eventually switched discs, and went back to playing the 2005 version.

Which brings us to Metal Gear. A year after the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the game creators at Konami decided to re-release MGS3 in an updated format, renaming it Metal Gear Solid: Subsistance. The game was all the better for it, with an improved camera view, and additional content for the player, including bonus games, and more online content. Along with those additions, though, were included the MSX (Japan’s Nintendo) versions of the first two Metal Gear games.

Unlike EA’s attempt at reveling in gaming past, Konami’s effort was a huge success.

Personally, playing Metal Gear surprised me. I was impressed at how well the gameplay manages to hold up, despite being in existence for 21 years. 21 years! Despite its age, playing the original Metal Gear reminds us that sometimes games are called “classics” for a reason.

Story-wise, the game still has an intrigue to it. Playing the game, I was still interested in the story around these nuclear weapons that are called Metal Gear. For fans of the series, the original game allows them to fully appreciate everybody’s favorite covert operative, Snake. From his lowly 8-bit origins, to the upcoming 3-d visual masterpiece that will be Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake’s first adventure continues to keep players pressing away on their controllers.

The gameplay also manages to keep the player more than satisfied. With menus galore, and the now famous com-link transmitter, players will still enjoy the original game, and still get a kick out of using all of the available weapons, and trying to sneak around unsuspecting guards.

The game that started the “stealth” craze in video games continues to maintain a strong “fun factor” that’ll make players forget the game’s age very quickly.

This might be your father’s “Metal Gear”, but most gamers won’t mind, as they relive Snake’s first battle against the weapon that we’ve all come to know, love and fear: Metal Gear.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Metal Gear going multi-plaform?

With the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, due out in exactly a week from today, one has to wonder about the possibility of this latest entry into the stealth action series going multi-platform. With PS3 sales only now starting to pick up, Metal Gear's developer, Konami, can't help but think about the missed opportunity of missing out on purchases by 360 owners of this latest entry into the Metal Gear Solid series.

For owners of the 360 or Wii, history is on their side. Metal Gear Solid 4's possible appearance on other platforms wouldn't be the first time that Konami's flagship series would be appearing on a non-Sony console. Metal Gear Solid 2 was released for the original X-box a few years ago, soon after the release of the game for the PS2. Konami did tweak their product, though, adding new missions, and additional features.

Also, some may remember Metal Gear's appearance on the Nintendo Gamecube, in the form of "Metal Gear: The Twin Snakes", which was a revision of the first Metal Gear Solid game a few years ago as well.

From a sales standpoint, the argument in a slam-dunk; there are less PS3s owned than X-box 360s. Allowing Snake's latest adventure to be played by owners of both consoles would allow Konami's latest game to establish all kinds of records in terms of sales. But, contractual obligations, and legal issues will not make that endeavor an easy one. It appears that Konami's pretty much in bed with Sony, and allowing Microsoft to gain anything positive from the release of Metal Gear solid would simply be unacceptable to the maker of the PS3.

As gamers, all we can do is hope that, for once, the console makers will lay down their swords, and allow more gamers to enjoy Konami's latest offering, without having to shell out more money for a console that most people do not own.

We shall see....

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