Friday, March 16, 2012

Ride with Walter Day to the Smithsonian art museum

Get your motor running and ride with Walter Day to the Smithsonian Art Museum's video game history exhibit. Walter day continues his path into making video game history. Walter never forgetting his true roots is at the Smithsonian Art Museum on March 16th 2012 (St. Patrick's Day Eve).

Thanks to Day, Iowa has its own chapter in the history of video games. He continues to put his "dent in pop culture" and he also adds to video game legitimacy.

I am sure in Walter's wildest dreams that he would ever seem himself in a part of history like this. As they quoted him saying “Years ago, I studied history in college and wanted to be a history teacher,” Day said. “Now, I am history. It’s a remarkable life journey.” Read more....

It is another great accomplishment for our video game ambassador.

Above is a photo taken by long time friend Ray Dollard. Ray is also the one that gifted Walter an amazing Ovation Guitar at Funspot in 2009.

Again congrats to Walter Day!
Brent Dolan


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