Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Non Sports Trading Card show????

Non Sports Trading Card show    WTF?  Yes there is such a thing.  Trading cards are big and maybe even bigger than ever.  There are trading cards for everything from Video game Greats like Walter Day founder of Twin Galaxies, Billy Mitchell World renoun Video Game World Champion to Trading Cards about Twilight the movie.

For more on the Non Trading Cards info check out

The funny thing about all this I was asked by Walter Day to be there seeing they are unveiling my Video Game Card.  I haven't seen it but I will be going to see.  I am on this list of along with Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Richie Knucklez, Steve Wagner, Lance Eustache, TriForce Johnson and more  Click here for more info

Hope you can make it.

Brent Dolan


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